Disability Supports of the Great Plains is sponsoring a showing of photography by Noah Becker.

Pieces will be for sale.

From a young age, Noah has been highly motivated by both marshmallows and technology. He is 100% self-taught in all forms of iPad photography. He edits, filters, crops, and captures all of his photos on his own. He is also an avid youtube fan.

Noah was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome in Jan of 2013. Despite the challenges he has faced because of AS, he has consistently risen above the prognosis of his neuro-genetic disorder. Noah is currently working on an AAC device for communication and attends a variety of therapies throughout the week in his hometown of Mishawaka, IN. He welcomed a darling little sister, Maeby Rue Grace last December.


Below are a few of his pieces that will be up for sale.

IMG_7108 IMG_6095 IMG_5640 IMG_2849 IMG_2361

IMG_1993 IMG_4536 IMG_0894 IMG_9570 IMG_4553 IMG_2367 IMG_2837

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