trash day

I begrudgingly picked up the overflowing trashcan and sighed as I bent over to pick of the remnants that had fallen behind the can. I was annoyed that it had been full for more than half a day and nobody else had dumped it. I hurried through the front room to the side door so … More trash day

let it go

My doctor friend told me that I hold a lot of tension behind my right jaw. She said if I wouldn’t bite off so much that I wouldn’t have to chew as long, not to mention how my digestive issues would resolve virtually overnight. I’m quick to remind her that “she doesn’t quite understand” though. … More let it go

edible words

I grabbed a tiny brush, got down on my hands and knees, and cleaned the grout between the tile on the bathroom floor. I clean, but not this kind of clean. I thought about the next people who would live in the confines of these walls that I have lived for the past year with … More edible words