always looking up

I have absolutely neglected to write for this blog during this past fall. I was lucky enough to get to spend my time constructing projects with others, working a small part-time job, and doing personal writing. It has been absolutely, unquestionably enriching and I sometimes laugh because I get to do this as a job, as work, as part of my life.

I have had so many things that I’ve had hanging around in my mind over the long break that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and construct for you all. So instead of trying to do that, I’m just going to say something brief.

New Year’s goals are amazing, they help us reset our mind, our hearts, and our energy. I’ve spent the past few days reflecting on truths that I’ve learned this year, relationships I gained, individuals I’ve learned from, goals I’ve accomplished, the three babies I’ve sustained, and the marriage I’ve been blessed to help grow. `

It’s tempting to make goals for ourselves with the hope that we can reinvent ourselves, gain value, and become better. Most of the time, in my experience, the depth of these goals are met with equally disappointing outcomes, regardless of how selfless or noble they are in nature.

The last third of 2017 was exceptionally rich in my life. Following a trip to Boston to meet with a specialist for my oldest, my entire perspective was shifted – but not in regards to Angelman syndrome like you’d imagine. God used this opportunity in my life to grab a hold of me in a new way, something that all of my self-control, strength, or ump couldn’t begin to touch. I’ve held right to this precious thing.

This year, my only goal is to keep my eyes focused upward even more because He makes all things new. I don’t have the power to create for myself any worthwhile change the way Christ can create within me.


Happy New Years, friends.

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