I’m not concerned with you reading this –

for me.

I’m not interested in being known  – for having the right

words, look,


of this earth.

I’m not looking to YOU.


You entice,

you show me your come hither look

The chase.

The “likes”.

The need, desire to be


                                                               “Goodness, she’s sooooo pretty


I’m walking into the wardrobe, closing the door behind me,


angels rejoice.

Trumpet sounds.











I sing because I’m free.




Imagine for a moment –

Imagine being a child.

Imagine watching as you see your sibling or friend

Give when they should have taken.

Kiss when they should have kicked.

Love when they should have left.


As a child, my eyes are drawn to the parent, to watch at their amazement at the grace the child offered.

To watch, expectantly, for the parent to greet the offering with love.



Now imagine, the only one watching you THAT MATTERS

Are the angels:as they are



                             expectantly (because I know His word is good)

for God to watch at the grace you’ve offered.
Because of HIM.

His grace.

His love.

(Believe it or not but He’s the only one that matters. ) Watch me as I suck it up. Let’s suck it up together.


An audience of Angels is all I need.

God knows the innermost heart, the ugly, the beauty.

His approval, not this world.

My success is His.


*I’m interested in you reading this for Him.

Matthew 5-7 is wrecking me.

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