head in the clouds

I feel the pull upon these limbs, they tie me to this world.

I straddle the fence most days, trying to gain a solid ground, never fully secure in one location.

You could call me uncommitted, flighty, even fickle –

and yes, in some ways, I am. But,

my instability comes down to knowing that  I am not

really of this world. I was not

built for this world. I will never

find contentment here.

I am a Christian. A Christ-follower. A child of the King. An heir.


Today I am an orphan.

Fighting to remind myself of my true citizenship, my home.


I spend my days walking about, tending

to the lives God has placed before me. I take extra care

for the extra special parts of the plate he has graced me with. I weed,

tend to my garden, prepare the food that will nourish. I fight

bitterness and anger.

I remind myself of my completeness in Christ.

My identity is in Him alone.

I cry.

I bleed.

I smile.

I relax.

I rest in the sun’s warmth.


My heart, a war zone of flesh vs spirit.

My limbs, they tie me here, but

My head, my head will eternally be in the clouds.

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