dirty hands

I gently pinched the skin on her right hand and watched as it slowly morphed back into a wrinkled state as she watched the evening sunset across the country road. Her nails were manicured now, with a clear polish, but had long been kept short and framed with dirt. The age spots splotched across her … More dirty hands

show off

Since a child, my life has been marked by fear. I have believed the lie that if I can plan for the worst case, then I will be fine because then I can plan a way out, all the while, praying to God for a “peace, be still” moment. The humorous part is that even … More show off

what dreamers do

We spent the fifth month dreaming, as dreamers do. We walked sidewalks pushing along wheels of babies. We sipped triple hopped beverages and spoke of our spoils. The good spoils, the ones we gush about till our cheeks turn red with giddiness. We looked toward the sky, open, wide, and knowing it was within our … More what dreamers do