Wild moon woman (a temporal – ethereal collision)

I close my eyes and hum as I sway in this old wooden chair. It rocks with me.

A wildly mad mad woman, who is free.

Free from the noise that surrounds the air in this pretentious organic smelling crimson painted shop.

I imagine crashing into you – into me.

Like an animal.

“beloved” – you scream

“just drink more water- this holy wellspring. Put down your artisan crafted mug of steeped love and swallow hard. This river is rooted, bathe in my light”.


I sway, sway, sway. Eyes closed.


Hints of patchouli and lavender, rose –

to greet me.

You found me, here in this old shop with cement floors, pouring yourself out on me.

You sway with me – in me – through me.

My branches become yours.


Dance with me.


Be my wild moon



Oh, brilliant one.

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