tree pose

“After rising, meet me-

in mountain. With hands at your side, straighten-

your spine, finding the center of your body.

Now, shift

the weight to your right foot and


lift and place your left foot alongside your inner right

ankle, knee, or thigh.

Find your focal point, but most importantly-


My husband finds me in tree pose as I stir the marinara for dinner. “It wasn’t intentional, it just happens”. This isn’t a one off, it’s my go to pose while in the kitchen, I’ve found. It’s a place of comfort as my hips fall into the support of my upper body and spine. I’ve caught glimpses of my daughter holding the pose at the metal shelving racks beside me.

I’m far from “centered” in my life. I make attempts, but haven’t quite mastered the technique. I’m told “you’ll get there, it takes life”.

In the mornings, as I rise, I rise exhausted. I must have forgotten the reality of newborn nights, but they always catch me off guard. Third times not so charming. It’s far too easy for me to allow my restless dark hours to dampen my light hours with my family. My children prance about eagerly anticipating breakfast, begging to play with playdoh, or eat snacks before breakfast. There are mornings when the chaos is more than my anxiety threshold can manage – I yell, cry, or hold a “fustated” face, as my daughter calls it. At that point, it pours over into the rest of my morning and day as more and more chaotic moments occur — because with three children, they will.

I’ve had a hard time finding my roots within the  pandemonium. I’ve grabbed onto anger more days than I care to admit. Recently, on a Sunday while at church, my husband and I were talking about our days, our challenges, and how we can help one another better. (yes, he’s a keeper). He suggested I find a new focus, a new focal point for my day. I began thinking through on verses that would help to encourage me and help to ground me for the moment. I fell into

1 Corinthians 15:58 “Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.”

Reminding myself that my center point is the Holy Spirit within me, subtly pushing me forward as I do the work God is calling me to do – Not just in the changing of diapers and preparing meals, but the dreams I have for myself and the goals we have as a family. I’m finding my focus each morning, whether I’m in tree pose washing dishes, or transporting a child to a class, because I believe the Lord, my labor is not in vain.

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