strength training

I see you writing a story. The brokenness is giving you a lot to work with, I can sense. That’s okay. At least it can serve a purpose this way. Each session I build a little more strength, slowly we will make our way back together. In between the beating of these three small hearts, … More strength training

tree pose

“After rising, meet me- in mountain. With hands at your side, straighten- your spine, finding the center of your body. Now, shift the weight to your right foot and Gently lift and place your left foot alongside your inner right ankle, knee, or thigh. Find your focal point, but most importantly- Breathe.” My husband finds … More tree pose

AAC {a brief recap}

It has been a challenge for me to keep my mouth closed for an entire week, but I felt that sharing this on International Angelman Syndrome day was well worth the wait. Enjoy! ~~~ It has been just over four years since my firstborn son was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome. We escaped to Canada the … More AAC {a brief recap}