It feels strange to be sitting on our couch, a family of five, in our comfy clothes on this day. We haven’t found opportunities to shop for gifts or even cards. We have changed yellow seedy diapers, fixed snacks on little lipped chewbacca bowls, and tapped the fishbowl to awaken the battery operated green fish a dozen times. We have braved the cold snow while fighting two of three to keep their coats on, split up arguments over who gets to play with the tent first, and attempted to help gas escape a tiny baby belly through bicycle movements. We woke up from a night of little sleep, in separate beds, with the kids split between us – you crawled beside me as I nursed the youngest and laid your head on my shoulder. We are floating, at capacity, you and me.

No luxury vacations for us, no, not this year. No fancy restaurant in our evening plans, not tonight.

Moments on the couch with little lives between, we hold hands behind heads, pressing through.

I’m content here.


The past year of our lives has been the biggest growing phase we have encountered. We’ve fought through tough moments as a couple, finding solid and common ground that unites us. We found surprise in a little blue stick and later welcomed a blessed life into our lives. We’re discovering what two becoming one is intended to mean. We’ve opened our minds to new opportunities and learned when to shut the door where hurt has slowly pulled us apart. We’ve enjoyed bitter, hoppy mugs of beer and dark chocolate torte’s in bed after the kids have drifted to sleep. We’ve learned what family is, why it matters, who it is. You and me.

12 years. 12 entire years. I’m thankful to not question the vows we made but to accept them as the most constant earthly existence.


3 thoughts on “twelve

    1. Thanks, Aunt Sue. I think it’s those small things in life that make things more memorable (as cliche as it sounds) — even if we’re talking about yellow seedy newborn poo on your beige top :)


  1. Annie, you have such a beautiful way with words. Enjoy these simple moments in life, you’re so blessed. As your children grow older life will get simpler but you’ll have so many wonderful memoriess. Take care, my dear. Aunt Jo


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