My two year old prescribes to Ecclesiastics, in that for everything there is a “time”. When we wake up, it’s “eat-time”, after going potty on her chair it is “gummy-time”, when we sit down to read each night, you guessed it, “read-time”. In the past two weeks since my baby was born, I have baked four batches of my go-to cookie recipe, not because I have the time to do so, but because it comforts me. I have tested different ratios of dry to wet, how different flours bake and set, and if butter truly is better when it’s browned. My husband is normally holding one child while the others are seated at the dining room table drawing, painting, or screaming at one another over who gets the blue play-dough. I however, am having “cookie-time”.

I’ve been asked over and over if we’ve found our rhythm and new routine as a family of five and the honest answer is, absolutely no way in the world have we found anything worth considering  sustainable. That’s okay. From my experience, it takes months to find a rhythm that we can dance to. I have thought (and said) more than a few times “we clearly didn’t think this through very well”.

Right now, this is a “time” in our lives. A time to focus on doing the best we can to get by. A time to not forget to laugh when I squeeze the mustard bottle too hard and it shoots all over every person at the table except myself (thanks to my older son for appreciating slapstick humor and breaking the ice with his contagious laughter). A time to relish in the quiet drive to the grocery store as my husband and I share a look and exhale.

In regards to the cookies, all purpose flour with a dry to wet ratio of 1.3:1, bakers chocolate chunked, room temp butter, double the salt (regardless of what it calls for), under baking by at least 25%, and brown sugar are the key. And frozen, you must eat them frozen!

Ecclesiastes 3:9 What do people really get for all their hard work? 10 I have seen the burden God has placed on us all. 11 Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end. 12 So I concluded there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can. 13 And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God.

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