I thought I knew you

that I understood your character-

loving or scary.

My adolescent eyes guarded by

a filter – naive.


You shattered me-


Shredding my perception –

only leading to questions

regarding every other fragment in my



I marvel at your mighty hand

crushing any darkness that

attempts to stand near.


Your spirit you gave

convicted to holy lives –

he leads me in swirls

of blue – sky.


Glory, glory, glory.

Forever, be my desire.

Shatter me, again.


In an honest attempt to express my heart with prose it again turns to poetry. When the spirit moves, there are not always concise ways to convey a hearts turn. I’m overtaken by the way God uses His Spirit to minister to my heart and convict me of His.

Being too wordy is my fear, it places a shadow over the heart of my spirit. May the only words I speak, be those that are placed over my heart by the one who deserves all honor.

Glory to the Most High.

“I will lead your mouth, Annie. But speak!  This will bring me Glory, forever.”

2 thoughts on “shattered

  1. Amen… again I say, AMEN! For from him and through him and for him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen. Romans 11:36


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