prunes and curse of the Bradford

The south wind blew Thursday night

Taking out the remainder of the blossoms

of the Bradford Pear.

It looks elegant in it’s white splendor

But inevitably wrecks havoc on it’s owners and family.

Requiring little maintenance, can lead one

To neglect its frame and potential beauty.  

It’s shape –

preventing it from gaining stability.

Triangles aren’t as supportive as you’d imagine.



To remove debris – in life –  from time to time –

It’s healthy.

To reevaluate.

I don’t know if i’d go so far as to say circumcise –

But perhaps remove the dead weight.

It lends itself to better communication

and thought life.

Improves our mental capacity for the mundane and dreary days –

or simply enables us to deal with the unavoidable.


The north wind blew my wispy bangs

as I watered her flowers.

Wondering if the lavender had roots

like a Bradford.

Flowering, beautifying the earth. Or-

the gardenia,

Clearly not neglected.

While their debut is short-lived,

they are well-tended to.

No need for pruning.

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