Thank God for tee-ball

I have refrained from posting many personal family things on this blog (pictures, videos, the day to day, etc). When Noah was my only child, it felt natural– not to mention I designed the blog to keep family up to date on “Noah things”. But as time has passed, we welcomed a second child, and we changed in our own ways as a family. I felt that I wanted to keep family things more private (at least, not for the whole world to read). I try to refer to my husband as husband, and while I do use my children’s names from time to time, I like the idea of keeping this blog less personal in terms of family things and more about writing (even though most of it is about my loved ones).

That said, I had an exceptional experience last night as a mom and I want to share a more personal life story.

Tee-ball. In all seriousness. It was Noah’s second game to attend this season. We spent some time before the game talking with him about it, using his communication device to give him verbal access to this new part of our summer. I have to admit, Noah is not super thrilled about tee-ball in any way, shape, or form. Matt spends most of this time corralling Noah at his shortstop position, or keeping him content in the dugout. I was able to get some great photos which is a huge challenge at times with Noey.


The touching aspect of this game was watching these kids, all of varying degrees of abilities, play a game together. A lot of parents and buddies are on the field to assist with the roamers or overly excited ones (Noah tends to fall into both of those categories!). Both teams parents sat together, cheered for every child, and watched as their loved ones grinned from ear to ear as they ran across home plate. You see, in challengers tee-ball every child gets an unlimited number of swings, and a chance to go to every base if they want. Watching as my little boy made his way from third to home was so emotional. As everyone cheered and clapped, he took pride in what he was doing, and moved as quickly as his little legs would allow him. He slowed down as he approached the base and gently tapped his toes on the base. He gave high fives to people along the way and clapped for himself. It was beautiful.


If I can teach my children anything, I want one thing they take away from me is to take pride in their accomplishments. It’s completely unfair to attribute Noah’s success to his dad and me. Noah works hard, he’s motivated, and diligent in the things that drive him. And while I can sense that he does not enjoy the idea of tee-ball, he is part of something so much bigger than a bunch of little kids out on dirt throwing a ball around. He gets to be part of a community that is full of love, acceptance, and passion.

I am the lucky one. Noah provides me an experience that is truly singular and exceptional.

Thank God for tee-ball.

2 thoughts on “Thank God for tee-ball

  1. Oh Noah, I love you so much. You made me cry just picturing your precious body crossing the home plate so gently. You also made me smile because my favorite times are when you and Ace are not so gently playing☺ Noah you are my hero. I love you always little nugget♥♥♥ Auntie Chi Chi


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