twilight’s daughter

The wheat brushed along her legs as she ran from the house screaming. The silver screen door rhythmically bounced open and close as she took off into the hot days sun. Repeating something about  “stacking stones” as she slowed her pace, out of breath. Her callused feet, bled – red stains in the footprints that trailed her. … More twilight’s daughter

good grief

I listened as she spoke of her observation on the playground – watching as her son wanted desperately to interact, doing his best to overcome his challenges and impulses. The other kids seeking his attention and confused by his inability to respond in the way they expected. I felt as though she was describing my … More good grief

my post

It was a full morning of running errands, having coffee with my husband, and planning our futures. It is the first (long awaited) sunny April afternoon, I’m dog tired, and my children are full of energy… and all I can think is “how can I just keep them busy enough that I can rest?” These … More my post