brilliant one

Brilliance finds me  –

tiptoeing down the stairs

I pour my coffee as the sunrise peers

through my squints.


Good morning, love.


Yesterday I sought importance

searching a world-like faith

coming up without a pulse.



Come home.


Words fill a page

emotions lead me to

darkness –

when brilliance is not found.


Follow me.


Faulty replicas selling love-

You are the brilliant One.

“In thy light

shall we see light”


        Can I start over? Shining One.


It is easy to get sucked into trends, beliefs, and things that offer hope and “the way”. It’s an honest mistake that sells itself in an artful approach (based on our emotions). With our innate propensity towards hope the longing we experience sets us up to jump at the prospect of the search being over — blind to the weaknesses in that which is before us. We allow our emotions to take the steering wheel.


Even as a Christian, I am not immune to this. There are days where I am searching for something easy to get me by – earthly beliefs:

-i deserve happiness

-life should be easy (or shouldn’t be this hard)

-that mindfulness is enough — love is enough


As a devoted and yet wavering (at times) believer, I find myself constantly brought back to the One truth- Christ. It should be easy to stay focused on the only right answer, the only real Hope, the shining, brilliant One. Why do I search elsewhere? In things, people, beliefs that are not innately bad– but badly misconstrued in my heart.

I think it comes down to this:

I know the Truth. I am also a person on this earth, with desires and ideals. (neither negates the other)


Beliefs and people selling jargon (who are also searching for hope and promise) are constantly in my eyeline and earshot. Even though I always see the light, the fog does tend to hover extra heavily at times.


“For with Thee is the fountain of life” –Psalms 36:9


Today, I choose Brilliance. Not because my feelings tell me so, but because it is the Way. 

2 thoughts on “brilliant one

  1. Love, love, love this! You nailed it! Been there, done that so many times. How I thank my loving Father for His constant watchcare over my life and the gentleness in which He leads me back (time after time, after time) to the path of truth and His righteous benevolence.


    1. It’s innocent (the straying) and can be easy to excuse — except that it’s our duty; to love, serve, and remain steadfast. I appreciate that it’s a challenge and a breeze all in one. To follow this command is hard, but the ease that accompanies it – incomparable. I’m glad I am not alone in the battle. XO


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