country home

I’ve been a drifter most of my life, never fully committed.

Wavering between passion and my heart’s desire –

Often confusing the two.

Restless. Vagabond. Gypsy dreams.


I’ve always known where my allegiance lie’s

Firmly planted in my faith.

Crossing borders – we held hands and kissed the skies at night.


But now my feet are dirtier, my toes have dug in deep.

This will be our earthly place

securing strong roots.


Reaching high to give them flight upon the wings that he’ll provide.

Stepping into wilderness with wildflowers in my hair.


Dare I take my children there?


Countryside calls my name

echoing — reverberate

chicken feed tossed to the sky

re-fertilizing the earth

We make our home.


No longer nomadic

this pilgrim finds her rest.

Cast iron crust – hot stove

unearthing and discovery,

raising blessed offspring-

we multiple.

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