country home

I’ve been a drifter most of my life, never fully committed. Wavering between passion and my heart’s desire – Often confusing the two. Restless. Vagabond. Gypsy dreams.   I’ve always known where my allegiance lie’s Firmly planted in my faith. Crossing borders – we held hands and kissed the skies at night.   But now … More country home

Life with Angelman Syndrome {A mother’s heart}

Life with Angelman Syndrome is _____________. As part of the Angelman Community, we were sent the task of printing the paper (in the photo above), filling it out, and sharing it on social media on February 15th for International Angelman day. A day set aside to support those who have AS by bringing awareness to … More Life with Angelman Syndrome {A mother’s heart}


You’d be surprised how the simple act of unhinging your jaw instantly makes you lighter. Your forehead releases – The muscles in your neck give away their tension. She told me to “put my things in boxes, place them on a shelf” Instead, I focus on the puzzles at hand – build things. Mounting agitation: … More Unhinged

North Star

Did I make a wrong turn? The foliage is awfully thick. I don’t remember this being my natural habitat my lips are parched. Are you there? I watch as the sun falls below the treetops The breeze becomes bitter – Inhospitable. The underbrush : lacerating My feet are dirty now, commitment ensues. Shine bright, North … More North Star