The fifth year

Limerickal fun for my joyful son

On his fifth year anniversary of life.


There is a young boy named Noah


Whose name rhymes with SOHCAHTOA

His signature is a smile

That is visible for more than a mile

Watch out or he’ll step on your toe-a


He laughs at each new day


Showing a light to guide the way

His steady fingers capture his life

Giving perspective when I feel strife

He teaches his sister Mae


He forced me to come alive


Giving guidance so we might thrive

He steals all of my pie

And giggles with a sigh

Let’s jump in boy, just dive



Five years ago, I was forced to make better decisions for my life. Issues and challenges that I knew required tending, but could wait until I was ready.


You forced the issue – you were born.


Each day since then, I have found myself in a life that I would never have chosen from the outside. A life that I imagined full of fear and pain.


Your life makes me less selfish.

Your life makes me an advocate.

Your life makes me patient.

Your life makes me honest with myself.

Your life makes me less tolerant of my old self.

Your life makes me more intentional.

Your life forces me to never be complacent.


Noah, you are my lifeblood. I thank the good Lord for knowing that I needed you and then trusting me with your precious, delicate life. May I never take your sweet nature for granted and always push you to your limits.


I love you with all the love. mama

Let’s eat pie, little bub.


5 thoughts on “The fifth year

  1. God knew exactly what He was doing when He placed that precious life into your loving hands. What a blessing you both are to this world.


  2. Happy birthday Noah bean♥ You are sucha delight in life and a breath of fresh air. And anytime you wanna steal my pie, come on by♥♥ Auntie C


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