I dodged a bullet the other day. A threat that could have potentially changed the course of my life. Or so I had imagined. I dragged my husband to the doctor with me, fearful of a wretched outcome. Big words were tossed around, blood was drawn, inspections were made, and I held myself together – … More obedience


It was the kind that we fell into. Subtle and sweet – innocent and oblivious. We walked hand in hand never considering much more but existing in a place of perpetual union.   Years have waved before us steady and smooth – turbulent and tufted at times. We walked hand in hand breathing, assuming, waiting … More union

The fifth year

Limerickal fun for my joyful son On his fifth year anniversary of life. ~~~ There is a young boy named Noah   Whose name rhymes with SOHCAHTOA His signature is a smile That is visible for more than a mile Watch out or he’ll step on your toe-a   He laughs at each new day … More The fifth year