Picasso dance

feet like a guitar

the sound was sweet

how she plucked across

the room

her hands raised in

the air

the blue runs through

her hair

and penetrates the sky

she calls herself


formerly known as



Circa 2009

I found this while flipping through my Drawing From Life Journal I had in my first creative writing class in college. I am forcing myself to NOT edit it.

It’s fun to find old writings and musings.


First official day of break – first semester of my MA is over – son is done with PK – hubs in done with professing – daughter started in with running nose and hacking….

Happy Holidays.

2 thoughts on “Picasso dance

  1. Don’t you dare edit that! :-) It’s representative of the time and events and your stage of being–and quite memorable and valuable for those reasons alone. Sounds like things are settling down a bit, but hope “little bit” gets better soon. Wishing you all a warm and joyous Christmas with all your stockings filled with love!


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