My blood

It never fails, it’s as though I seek out
the strongest current and attempt an upward swim.
Battles waging war against this thirsty soul-
encapsulated by bones.

My feet flounder as I search for steady footing below
Pebbles providing push off
Sucked under, holding my breath-

You tossed me a life raft, her-
She holds my hand as we freely grace the harsh terrain below our callused soles

We’re saving each other-
My blood
Youth becoming women

5 thoughts on “My blood

  1. I detect a reference to your beloved sister. Once again you have captured a precious moment and the intensity of that relationship in words that escape the rest of us. Lovely… simply lovely.


  2. I just was re-reading your blog and noticed the tag of me. I completely missed this before. This is so beautiful. thanks for writing about me. I love you and love that you are my precious sister♥C


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