My blood

It never fails, it’s as though I seek out the strongest current and attempt an upward swim. Battles waging war against this thirsty soul- encapsulated by bones. My feet flounder as I search for steady footing below Pebbles providing push off Sucked under, holding my breath- You tossed me a life raft, her- She holds … More My blood

As I rise

Clothe me in your majesty Wrap me in your grace. Strip me of this habit life- Be my hearts chase. Refine my vision as I rise Seeing only you. Swaddle me in your mercies light Fixing my eyes view.

Tip toe

Blisters under plastic that stabilize little legs- forging onward- he flees seeking security. ~~~ I was reminded today that my little boy works harder every single day than I realize- to do the things I take for granted. I am angry. But, I am reminded of the what is truly worth my time, my energy, … More Tip toe

count the stars

“foolishness- my children” I battle for my freedom. You don’t supply your spirit because you have to- life exists through faith- the kind where I can exhale- completely- and fill my lungs each morning. We, children of Abraham- are free indeed. “look up- count the stars– these, your blessings” You have given me this land. … More count the stars