iron & clay

I forget sometimes, as I’m clipping my nails-

or swallowing

that truth comes through dreams-

wisdom- saving entire kingdoms

at my disposal.

The rubbish that clouds my eyes,

wandering- vagabond nature.

Iron- crushing my toes-

statues crumble.

Revealer of secrets

keeper of light.

no mere human-

“humility is the path to power”.


fingernail clippings make me human-

you made my soul of iron.


standing forever on this mountainside.

arms erected.


Daniel 2

2 thoughts on “iron & clay

  1. While savoring your words, a thought… a remembrance:
    Iron in our Souls
    Life is not as idle ore,
    but iron dug from central gloom,
    And heated hot with burning fears,
    and dipped in baths of hissing tears,
    And battered by the shocks of doom
    to shape and use.
    — Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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