How long?


I don’t know how to say this:

but I have been waiting-

for some time

now- on you.

I’m parched- desperate for your rescue.

I have always loved you- I don’t understand

why you let me squander.

Sticky crumbs- stuck to my soiled

feet- kneeling down at yours.

Your kingdom- bring to earth

jostle me loose. I stand

and wait.

Reveal yourself- already.

How long-

Will we wait?

We will wait.

Habakkuk 1

Isaiah 30:18


I watch as you dissipate your energy-

noble attempts at righteousness.

I am not slack- dear child.

I am zealous for you.

Love me out of your freedom-

not your fear.

Your heart in a state of entropy-

thirsty for holy water.

You may fall 7 times-

but will rise again.

Hold fast.

Wait. For I will wait.

Proverbs 24:16

2 Peter 3:9

Isaiah 30:18


How glorious when a waiting soul and a waiting God meet.

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