(in response to sky jewels) ~ I felt the heat from the sun as it seared fear through my skin- blistering my heart- pumping as I pulled the weeds from the hose moistened soil. Remind me why I am dirtying my fingers? “Smoke, nothing but smoke, the sun comes up-the sun goes down” Is everything … More arrhythmia

sky jewels

I watched as your pulse moved the tender skin between your ankle and heel. You are alive, from the shin down- at least. I’m not always convinced- of your amusement with this life. You tend to flutter from paltry to sky-jewels. The dry heat- created moisture droplets on your perch- a family trait that I … More sky jewels

salt of the earth

Noah seeks out eye contact. In grocery stores, on multiple occasions I have caught him- too late in the act to stop him— reaching out with his right hand, placing it on a woman’s butt, bending around her leg towards the front of her body, and smiling. It is one of the most endearing experiences … More salt of the earth