100 days

When we began our 100 day AAC challenge, we had not anticipated exchanging one program for another. We started the challenge using PODD and are now using LAMP. I was originally not interested in using this program because we had already started PODD and were seeing progress with Noah. When it came down to logistics though (which sometimes annoy me), it made the most sense to use the same program that his therapists and his teachers use. During this transition, we have found that 1) Noah is extraordinarily adaptable and 2) we have an incredible team on our side. I feared we would have to start back over at square one, but Noah is a self-thinker, self-teacher, and highly motivated to communicate… there is not much else you need!

Below is a short clip of Noah requesting “more” while eating a muffin.

His current system is pared down to just a few basic requests so he can get a good grasp of how this program will work before we expand. I had my hesitations about limiting his voice, but feel that this may be the best option for providing him a bigger vocabulary down the road.

Words are my lifeline. Being able to express my feelings, thoughts, and emotions through words is one of the most valuable and comforting outlets I have found in my life. It’s deeply troubling for me to know that my little boy struggles on a daily basis trying to convey basic needs. Helping him find his voice is my biggest priority.

You’ve got this, Noah. I believe in you. I will never give up.

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