meet you in downward

In order to properly begin, I should probably tear out the first few pages… I wasn’t able to make a “go” of the last goal. It’s the last dinner mentality, you gorge yourself the night before the diet so you can start fresh. I never quite understood that, I always have to “purify” before new beginnings and over-indulging never felt a clean way to start.

This time, I am thinking to just keep the pages in the journal and keep going. It’s messy and somewhat chaotic, and quite frankly, somewhat panic producing for my overly sensitive spirit- but it might be the change that I need. Plus, having a tainted start allows for future accidents, because, if my past is any indication- they will happen.

She spoke in a bold manner as she walked us through the sequence,

“meet you in downward” she ended before a few brief breaths. We were told to work through the flow at our own pace:


parivrtta utkatasana,

parvsa bakasana,

standing pigeon,

dragonfly… rest, two deep breaths, downward, pedal to ease the transition”.

Taking time to ease into a position, to take a deep breath and start fresh. This was enough of a purification process for me. I fixated on the paisley print on my teal yoga mat as I focused on my breath and sequenced.

This practice helps time to slow down. I left feeling as though the scribbled pages at the start of my journal are just as they should be- real.

“Release what does not serve you”
Here’s to perfectionism- be gone.

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