mother of three

I still don’t have the words if our paths cross again, but something would be uttered- believe me. We watched, inadvertently, as you managed your two boys, while waiting for our pour-overs at Starbucks. At first glance, you appeared a mother with two sons, eating cake pops, pregnant and sipping a decaf latte- but I knew there was more. We both did. The joyful demeanor of your oldest drew me in- close. I became mute as my eyes moistened. No, I did not feel sorry for you, I saw myself in you. You may have also inadvertently missed our eyes, or perhaps it was intentional… I understand though, I avoid eyes at all costs- when acceptable.

What would I have said? “I, too have a child with special needs” or “Our son has Angelman Syndrome”.

It was probably the first time this thought crossed my senses, but I hoped that Noah would do something… to let YOU know that we got it.

The avoidance, the flustered and yet graceful expression as you tended to your brood, the other child screaming because his cake pop fell to the floor.

I pray that God will have our paths cross again. I will speak.

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