strawberry summers

I remember the way the hot sun felt on my freckled cheeks- long blond hair protecting my shoulders and tiny sweat beads along my jewish nose. It was my chore to pick the strawberries for dinner- from the tower my parents had built. Three tiers tall I remember the way the warm berries gushed between … More strawberry summers

mother of three

I still don’t have the words if our paths cross again, but something would be uttered- believe me. We watched, inadvertently, as you managed your two boys, while waiting for our pour-overs at Starbucks. At first glance, you appeared a mother with two sons, eating cake pops, pregnant and sipping a decaf latte- but I … More mother of three

highway 51

I was stuck in the rose bush, you see- the thorn in my side? it has prevented me from gaining speed. It was 3 am, when I decided to address the blood that had pooled on the old linen sheets that covered this antique bed. Remedy? I suppose bandages help in the short- term. Big … More highway 51