National Poetry Month

I am quite thankful to the scruffy man with a salt and pepper beard who encouraged me to write. Who pushed me to pursue my love and helped me gather the tools to go forth, while eating a bag of peanut m&m’s each wednesday night 5 years ago.


Not because I am a good writer, but because he helped me open a door to connecting with myself and my purpose.


Not as a writer. My greater purpose.

You also helped me find my rhythm, tone, and technique- to play with words, and step out of my comfort zone- to embrace MY style.


Thanks DDL.

In honor of National Poetry Month, I want to share a few poets who have helped me feel not so out of place in this world.

Ashley Capps 

Mark Doty (Deep Lane JUST came out)

Louise Gluck

A little poetry prompt for your day:

Free write about whatever is on your mind. Then, condense it into a single sentence. See how much you can convey with as little as possible!

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