Some days, I find it too exhausting to call myself that name- mother… Birther of life, protector, the place of origin. (at least, the earthly form). Not exhausting in that I am tired, that goes without saying… but that I am incapable of controlling my heart, of bestowing my love in the correct dosages, and understanding my given responsibilities without taking them to extremes.

I caught a sweet moment the other day where Noah handed Gracie a book. He’s typically grabbing them from her, so this incident was quite noteworthy. Such a tender moment, brother bear care-taking for his sweet sis. Warmth surrounded that twinkle in my day. There have been multiple sightings of this quality we see taking rise in our sweet Noah. I considered for a moment that instead of being their mother, that I too was just a care-taker of these children. God’s children. Helping them to understand, forgive, teach compassion, and even teaching them grace through my own mistakes.

Perhaps God looks down on us as we provide, teach, love, and give of ourselves and is filled with that same warmth, be it our children or our neighbors. This perspective helped me to align my responsibilities as an “earthly” mother, to not take myself too seriously, and to view us as equals, in this whole thing together.

WP_20150405_004 (1)

Am I really a mother, or are these children just as I am, a child… giving of ourselves, loving from the deepest pockets in our hearts- all the while, trusting that this is what we were called to do all along.


Disclaimer: I am still taking the role of mother in our household, no worries. And please do not mention to the children that I suggested we were equals :)

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