Essays on faith: betrayal

tip toe out in the night

whispers resound

the hunger grows- she convinces

herself it is what she needs.

the footfalls behind as she

leaves. he follows- softly

calling to her

“come home”

Whirlwind of lovers

she tries to hide.

blatant betrayal


Relentless love-

His voice, tender

as she embraces another

filthy lust- in her heart

she searches for truth.

Zealous pursuit, he

calls to her

“come home”


Idolatry is the deepest betrayal


Idol= a thing that wins out over your creators will

No, not golden statues. Money, sex, those BIG things… but also, shopping, “perfectly fit” bodies, even children can be “idols”.

Thankful to serve a relentless God, who so desperately wants our entire hearts.

It is not an open-marriage, this God-thing.


Hasten, my heart.

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