it is finished

Yes, that was us rushing into the packed sanctuary standing in the back with two antsy children, but You already know. One big four year old being shushed, while my little grace fiercely suckled as we stood swaying to the sacred hymns. I felt an instability in my knees at the sight of the antique wood’s radiance. Your cross. As we waited to take our turn in the communion line, a strong pull was leading me to You. Making my way down the aisle with a four month old slobbering over my shoulder, I knew your hand was gently gracing my spirit. I ripped my bread from the loaf, blessed my dear sister and dipped in the grape juice. I watched as my little boy followed suit, in delight. His first taste of the body and the blood.

We were moments away from the clamor of traffic, hungry tummies, and potty breaks- but for just those few moments, I was all yours.


it is finished

These three words transcend all else. John 19:30 can silence me like nothing on this earth. When He had received the drink, Jesus said “it is finished”. With that He bowed His head and gave up His spirit.

Life’s greatest compliment, graphically displayed.

It is easy to forget this singular act and the direct significance it was intended to play in our lives. The beauty of your birth was for this somber, yet life-giving day. Lord, may we never forget.


This past year for Christmas, Matt gave me a necklace with the words “it is finished” engraved on a gold bar. I wear it everyday to remind me of where my identity if found, and at what a steep price I was purchased. Easter has always been my favorite holiday, probably initiated by that darn bunny-but finishing off where He finished.

In awe, reclaimed through grace and mercy.


How Deep the Fathers Love

One thought on “it is finished

  1. Amen! Love this post. It is finished are some of my favorites words from the bible as well. I just the other day studied John 19 and highlighted that line you quoted. Such simple words for such a huge price he paid for us! Beautiful post♥
    And I love to think about Noah getting his communion♥♥♥C


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