Strawberry Crumble


There is something deeply satisfying about standing over a hot gas stove. First and foremost, it is a gas stove. Secondly, I am generally preparing something for my family, which gives me great pleasure… even when I am being hurried along by a little boy prancing at my toes. I’ve always had a deep fondness for pie, but have not always allowed myself to make and enjoy their comfort giving qualities. This past year, I have taken to the belief that pie is healing. Cooking down these frozen summer berries, I lost myself in the sweetness they bring. Simple joys.

There is absolutely nothing food blogger quality about these photos or the appearance of my pie. Truly, a humble pie.


We have enjoyed setting around our dining room table and eating pie as a family. Comfort.

We must have a pie, stress cannot exist in the presence of pie.” -David Mamut

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