all the little things

It is easy to overlook small victories throughout the day with screaming kids, wet diapers, and little hands digging into whatever is on the countertop and subsequently pulling them to the floor. I lose my cool, raise my voice, and in the midst of frustration, wondering if this will ever end.

Small, hidden moments that are at times hard to find, tend to break up the routine of the every day.

The shining sun breaking through the cracks, reminding me of the subtleties that are not truly hidden.


Our small victories-

-Helping Noah hold a piece of pizza properly, and then watching him follow suit

-Holding gracie girl and sharing brief moments of eye contact that make me feel as though she knows my soul

-Spending 3 days teaching Noah a new sign and seeing him use it appropriately

-Soothing a fussy 3 month old… this, at times is no small feat… there are moments when I feel like the most powerful woman on the planet earth when I am able to calm my precious babe

-Sharing a honey raisin muffin whilst sitting on the kitchen floor with Noah while sis is sleeping

-Eating pie 3 days in a row with my best friend (highlight)

-Coffee, even luke-warm coffee

-Facetime-ing, and seeing how much Noah loves his family (and truly knows them) *can not wait for next weekend*

-Browsing pie cookbooks at the bookstore, alone

-”talking” with my little girl

What victories are you celebrating?

birthday pie
too much love. I am at my happiest reading books to my babes.
WP_20150219_010 (1)
If that is not a Sechler, I do not know what is. I am so enamored with my girl. Already on my team :) Sorry Matt.

One thought on “all the little things

  1. Mabel’s smile is so precious! Ace loved her hat in the first picture and Noah’s smile:) I still think she looks like G as a baby!! Cant wait to see you guys soon! Love C♥


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