Ghost boy

Ghost Boy video

I saw this on the news the other morning and was deeply touched. While Noah’s diagnosis is nothing like this man’s, it really makes you reconsider how you view and discuss non-verbal individuals. It is easy to “brush off” a person who doesn’t communicate because you assume they do not know the difference. When in reality, they are learning from you, what you do and don’t do leaves an impression on them. They feel love and affection the same ways that you and I feel it. They require the EXTRA mile for meaningful interactions, not the status quo. 

Noah has repeatedly let us know how much he understands when we think he is unaware. Whether that be a immediate family members (excluding Matt and myself) voice over the phone or a word that we rarely use that he clearly understands. His receptive language continues to amaze both of us.  


Here is another video that I ran across.

This is a voice output communication device similar to the one we use with Noah, except this little girl is using eye gaze instead of physical input. Watching her and her father communicate brings tears to my eyes, reminding me of the meaningful ways that get to interact with Noah. 

As his mother, not only am I his biggest fan (along with Matt), but his most dedicated advocate. We have been through the wringer with this little man (alongside him) and he continues to not only surprise us, but remind us that he too is just as normal as the rest of us. Treating him any other way is a complete disrespect to who he was created to be and who created him. 

I believe in you, Noah. Always. 

I will never give up or assume anything less than everything.  

5 thoughts on “Ghost boy

  1. Noah we love you buddy and are so proud for all you've done in your little life! There's a big world out there and you are BOUND to make a HUGE difference! Love you so much little Dasher! Love C


  2. Lovely post. As the mum of a non-verbal son, I had really similar feelings after watching the Ghost Boy story on 60 Minutes here. I had to run straight out and get his book to read!


    1. Thanks Michaela! Yes, I have gone back to this video many times to remind myself of just how receptive our kids are, regardless of their “output”. Thanks for the follow and comment. I speak a lot to non-verbal kids and special needs here. I hope my words can resonate within you.


      1. Absolutely. I often still get a shock if I’m having a conversation that I assume my son isn’t paying attention to and next thing he says something on his talker that shows he knows exactly what we’re talking about!


  3. Ain’t that the truth! We too have experienced that with Noah. It’s the most satisfying feeling. I love that we as mom’s can understand the beauty in what appears to be a simple thing. Absolutely! Absolutely!


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