To the woman

To the woman who smiled at me in the Aldi parking lot- thank you.

Perhaps my beat red face gave it away, or maybe it was the mascara smear below my eye… or perchance you heard a fiery scream from a 6 week old from inside the car. I felt my adrenaline surge and I had a fight or flight moment.

I could just run into the store really fast and grab bananas… by myself…right?  
Or just run away?!

Your kind smile brought me back to earth, to my reality. I observed you putting pretzels in the trunk of your car and your bright red stocking cap covering your shoulder length hair. I wanted to be your friend.

I’m not sure what possessed me to attempt a grocery trip with a tired 4 year old and a screaming 6 week old. I learned my lesson though: it gets better and a kind smile can have a profound impact on a persons day. Even if I cry as I drive home.

So, to the woman who smiled, offered me her cart (with a free quarter), and shared that she too had been there- thank you.

Thank you.


Cuddling with her lamby from nana.  I searched for the perfect lamb for Maeby throughout my pregnancy (talked about here) and failed to find THE one. Leave it to my mom to unknowingly pick this up as a gift for her little Rue. The most touching gift. 

Ornery little bubs. The smile that always warms my heart, even after he just finished digging in the trash…

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