Four years

You made me a mother.

Four years ago, I felt grace and love pour down on me as you laid across my warm chest in a hospital bed. Each day since then, I have witnessed one of the most magical lives, yours.

I have smiled and laughed every day with you.

Noah, you challenge me, every day. I trust that will not stop anytime soon.

You have already convinced me of your ability to love a screaming, fussy, and attention hogging baby sister. I have loved watching you grow and become a big brother this past month.

Thank you for loving me, son. Thank you for letting me be the center of your universe. My little comfort on this earth, you are.

Happy 4th Birthday, bubs. You were my first.


Each year on Noah’s birthday, we have taken him for breakfast. We didn’t intend to make it a tradition, but it certainly has become a fun one to look forward to together.

Clearly, not a breakfast shot.
You were minutes old, and probably just had your first of many, many milky meals :)
1 year old. Cinnamon pancakes!
2 years old. Cracker barrel breakie!
3 years old, South Wedge Diner!
4 years old, Le Peep!
Happy Happy Happy Birthday little man!

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