For whatever reason I attempted a haircut on a overactive 4 year old in the bathtub, after Matt had left for work, with a semi-restless 8 week old in the bassinet, with only ½ a cup of coffee in my system. I found myself wishing my brother in law, Luke were there to help fix … More friends

To the woman

To the woman who smiled at me in the Aldi parking lot- thank you. Perhaps my beat red face gave it away, or maybe it was the mascara smear below my eye… or perchance you heard a fiery scream from a 6 week old from inside the car. I felt my adrenaline surge and I … More To the woman

Break your knees

Coming up for air Breathe on me, oh sovereign king Child of the wind ~~~ You push me down. When I am exhausted or tormented with fear and doubt, I cower and fall to my knees, finding a fetal position. Defeated. Before finally giving way for surrender to consume me. Instinctual. The other evening before … More Break your knees