Goodbye, Hello

At the start of 2014, we were living in Rochester, NY, with one child. Matt was a lecturer at Rochester Institute, and Noah was receiving 10 hours of therapy at home each week. We were happy. As the close of 2014 is within mere hours, we are living in South Bend, IN, with two children. Matt is a tenure-track professor at Saint Mary’s College, and Noah has started preschool. We are happy.

Looking back, it was quite the year! We have made many monumental changes in the life of our family. Matt is at a job that he loves going to each day, Noah is attending a school where he is surrounded by loving teachers, and I grew and gave life to our precious little girl, Maeby. As she sits on my chest, snuggled in her wrap, her tiny little hand spread out across my chest, I feel pretty content. Noah is sitting in Matt’s lap, giggling, and making a wide range of new noises and babbles that we have longed to hear. Such a beautiful voice.

Looking out as the New Year approaches, it does seem scary with our new set of responsibilities. Juggling two children has already proven to be a daunting task for us. I am still optimistic about the blessings that will overflow within our lives.

I hope this year to spend less time worrying and more time embracing.

I pray that each of you will find peace and encouragement as you begin your 2015.

Thanks for being a part of ours.

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!


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