A Dash of Grace

Throughout the third trimester of my pregnancy, the notion of Grace made a deep impression on me. There were moments where I felt overwhelmed with the Grace that God has bestowed in my life. Not only the blessings of my husband, my precious son, Noah, and my soon to be daughter, Maeby. More importantly, the continual Grace of His death and sacrifice on a cross. God offered up His only child for a sinner like me, a mother who loses her cool far too often, who worries incessantly about worst case scenarios, who struggles with ideas of self-worth and exerts energy in the wrong places at times.

This notion of Grace elicited an instant response and forced me to foundationally reconstruct certain areas of my life. It has helped me to begin to view life through different eyes. I think that when you experience Grace, REALLY experience Grace, you can’t stand still, you can’t live the same. Grace is Christ, it is overwhelmingly His spirit, His heart, and His desire for our lives. You can’t be stagnant.

Originally, I was set to change Maeby’s name to Grace. Although, Matt and I could not imagine our little girl, whom we had called Maeby for months now being Grace. We couldn’t give up Rue because it has family meaning, and it’s adorable… So, that is how the additional middle name of Grace appeared on her birth certificate.

Rewind 4 years ago…

When Matt and I started this blog (Matt’s original idea) it was to keep people up to date on Noah’s happenings, his adorable face as he grew, and our new life as a family. It was intended for family and friends who were interested. Over the course of the last 4 years, the blog has changed dramatically (in my mind at least). It has grown and molded as I have grown and molded. I have viewed the blog as more of an outlet for my mind and less as a means to transmit information about family and what we’re up to each week. It felt a bit empty simply posting pictures of what we did and coming up with a clever or not so clever caption to accompany the shot taken from my cell phone (which has terrible quality). As we begin this new endeavor with a new addition in our family, it will continue to change and be a new thing. I don’t plan to post oodles of pictures the way I did with Noah or tell about our weekly schedule. I will post pictures, but as I continue to grow as a writer, I want to continue to challenge myself to post meaningful snippets and share with words what we are doing.

This is where the blog name change comes into play, A Dash of Grace. It ties my two beloved children together into one special place where I share my heart, ultimately, for them.


There is something quite sacred about these early first days and weeks with a new baby. I remember feeling this way when Noah was born, but wasn’t able to put it into words at that point. I remembered feeling selfish of my child and the desire to absorb all that I could manage. Emotions are absolutely erratic, middle of the night feedings are a beast, and yet, I am touched by the beauty of it all. Noah has adjusted wonderfully, and Maeby is quite the vocal addition to our normally quiet family.

 If only Matt were sitting on top of us… then this would be the perfect picture. I love my children.
(Thanks to Aunt Mae for this photo)
My heart [x] 3

One thought on “A Dash of Grace

  1. I ♥ the new name! It is perfect! I have too experienced Real grace this year and I sometimes can't express what it means. So thankful for it! I love reading your posts. You are so talented B! Proud of you! Love you guys and see you soon! Love C


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