Moments tucked away from life, hidden in my spirit, suffocated from reality. The world clamors to seep into the security of the spiritual. Treasures planted deep, revealing to me, truth. Quiet my soul, a whisper delicately positioned between the flood and stillness of my feet. Aching for serenity, the resounding love of My Father, the flow of life from Heaven to Earth. My feet press toward the sky, His life lights as my soul drifts.
Some days, I will be driving, or sitting and looking out the back window when I catch a sighting. I am not generally seeking a deep thought at that moment, but nevertheless, it is placed on my heart. My mind hovers for moments that are always much longer than they appear.

Little treasures.


I can’t let go. The cadence of life does not follow suit, my soul is filled.


I am not here for my own entertainment. I am not here for a happy life. I do not deserve anything good. I am here for a purpose. I was created by the one and only living God. I was given life for His purpose. I am shown grace and mercy each day. I am on borrowed time.

It is easy to get caught up in the rhythm of life. But is that an excuse to ignore the intent of life?

Prone to wander, Lord I feel it

Bind my wandering heart to thee.

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