Love runs deep

I think that we are all realizing that our days as a single child family are officially unpredictable. I think Noah is sensing a change, and I can’t help but soak up every single chance I get to hold and cuddle with my little boy… But that’s nothing new. I love you Noah.  {middle}


Moments tucked away from life, hidden in my spirit, suffocated from reality. The world clamors to seep into the security of the spiritual. Treasures planted deep, revealing to me, truth. Quiet my soul, a whisper delicately positioned between the flood and stillness of my feet. Aching for serenity, the resounding love of My Father, the … More treasure

Picture perfect

This past weekend we put up our Christmas tree, we hung our stockings, and ate peppernuts… a Sechler family tradition that both Matt and I are happy to instill in our family. We had Christmas music playing on the record player, our heater running, and the weather was even a drizzly cold mess to make … More Picture perfect