mindfully managing

I wouldn’t consider my life rushed or stressful, but there is a degree of impatience that I still find within myself on a daily basis. 
We are a single car family and I am content with that fact. However, over the past few years, I have gained a new title: Chauffeur. Most days, I will take Matt to work so that Noah and I have the ability to get out and go to the library, the grocery store, or spend time with friends. While this is my choice, I at times feel like I spend an ungodly amount of time driving and waiting.
I officially undertook the role of potty trainer early last week. Initially, I felt constrained to our house so that Noah could have easy access to his potty chair. While this will be a temporary assignment, I felt frustrated with the timing and waiting (on the pot). 
        I can’t be bothered.
Eating with Noah is a rushed event, for everyone involved. Either you eat all of your food at the pace Noah chooses, which is always rapid, or you fight him off of your food once he has completed his plate. Matt and I have chosen to inhale our food so we don’t have to share, we are good parents. The exception being when we are in public or with dinner guests, then we eat at a normal pace, to look normal… 
       Noah does not follow suit.

Since moving to South Bend, our schedules have been less structured, so I have gotten to spend a lot more time reading and relaxing at home with Noah. We have taken lots of walks, explored a few parks, and shared a good number of scones, cinnamon rolls, muffins, and cookies at local coffee shops in the area (all quickly, of course). I have struggled with the relaxed pace of our schedule, having moved from Rochester where we were busy on a daily basis, and had many more walking options. 

One of the books I have been reading is about pregnancy and birth. It centers on the role of mindfulness and slowing down in our daily lives and how making small changes can have a profound impact on certain monumental events (like pregnancy/birth) in our lives. It is helping me to view potty training with more passivity and patience. I have come to find a sense of peace in the potty schedule and Noah’s positive response to this new challenge only helps.

One of my biggest challenges still, is finding my inner mindfulness during meal time, not only with Noah, but as an internal struggle I have dealt with for years. I have been focusing on nourishing my growing baby, and most importantly, trusting my body to do what it was created to do in this significant period of my life as well as Maeby’s.

I ran across a passage the other day that I found meaningful for so many purposes in our daily lives, not just pregnancy. Aimee Karr, a woman who teaches prenatal yoga and meditation said: 
Every month, a student in her second or third trimester will approach me and say something like: “Whenever I’m walking fast, I get this sharp pain in my [insert body part].” I ask, “This pain, does it go away if you slow down?” She usually nods. “Hmmm…do you think there’s something to that?” I say with a smile, seeing the corners of her mouth turn upward, also.

I won’t get all wax poetic on you, but I will share an excerpt from one of the books I have been enjoying. Prepare yourself, it’s a bit over the top for some, but it is something I have focused on each time I begin to prepare our meals and sit down to eat as a family.

Eating The Universe:
“Whenever you eat… when you drink milk, be aware that everything int he universe is contained in the milk. You will find sunshine, bees, clouds and rain that grow the grass, that fed the cows, and the farmer who pumped the milk. Continue your meditation as your drink “universal” milk. Realize that this milk will become your blood and bone and the bones of your baby.”

Smile, breathe, and go slowly,

Btw: Noah has stayed dry for over 48 hours now! Whoo Noah!!

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