It’s potty time

Potty training has officially started. I have been contemplating the issue for almost 6 months now, talked to lots of parents of kids with special needs and parents of kids without needs. I have read books, articles, and ridiculous online forums. I have received lots of conflicting advice about how to approach it or if I am pushing it too soon for Noah. Despite all of the opinions I received, I have decided to go against the “concerns” of starting too soon and push full speed ahead! Most parents in my position, meaning, pregnant, are eager to get their child potty trained so they are no longer buying so many diapers once the new babe arrives. I absolutely understand how much it will save each month, but the thing I am more concerned with is Noah outgrowing toddler diapers and having to find another source to cover his bum. While I have already researched where to find these diapers, I feel like it is a convenient time to give it a shot with him. I believe that he is fully capable of learning this self care habit, and am eager to watch him grow more independent. 
Our biggest challenge will be with language, like most things we have faced with Noah. From where I stand now, success will be equivalent to the potency of the reinforcer. I have collected a jar full of icing covered animal crackers with sprinkles (These are clearly cookies, I’m not sure how they can sell them as crackers…) and jumbo marshmallows. All items that I wouldn’t consider giving Noah on a daily basis… or in this case, 10 times a day. Something that will motivate him to give a shot… and hopefully get it in the pot!
So far today, we’ve had 2 successes and one pee on the wall… after getting off of the toilet, but I’m still encouraged! He chuckled pretty heartily each time he went potty though! 
The most convenient aspect of doing this while I’m pregnant is that I go frequently enough that it will help me remember to take Noah as well. 
Below are some pictures from the past few weeks, most of them from when my parents visited to help us move in. 
Caramel Pecan Silk Supreme… That says it all!

We all had such a wonderful time with my parents visiting a few weeks ago. Noah got lots of cuddle time with his nana. Those two just connect, it’s a beautiful thing. 
We went to Shipshewana while my parents were here. We walked around and browsed at the little shops and ate a delicious meal at Essenhaus… Of course, we finished it off with pie, the highlight of Essenhaus. Here Noah is smashing his little face against a window. Silly boy.
They had the most beautiful flowers and lawns in front of their stores. This flower was the size of Noah’s head! Gorgeous!
My folks. Love them to pieces… Still missing them lots.
Matt built me a writing desk/shelving unit. We have spruced it up a bit and it’s quite the comfy spot! I’m so thankful for the love and encouragement he gives me.

Moving from Rochester, a city known for its art, was a tough move. I thrived in the environment, constantly inspired by their invention of “Wall Therapy” and painted power boxes on each corner. Roc was full of local musicians, artists, and people who understood good coffee! I was nervous to move to SB and lose that inspiration. This past weekend we went to Art Beat, a downtown SB event featuring local artists, musicians, and crazy loons. I think it is safe to say that SB has definitely got an art vibe and that helped to change my attitude about moving back to the midwest. I was telling my friend, Michelle that I felt like a snob moving back to SB because after living on the east coast, I was amazed by how much more there is to enjoy… whether that be foliage, architecture, culture, or coffee. Hopefully we will be able to search out the uniqueness of this city and be just as satisfied in our surroundings. So far though, we’ve found a great co-op, a good boutique, and beautiful parks. 
I got the chance to meet up with an old friend, Amelia, who also recently moved back to SB from Seattle (so she understands my longing for things mentioned above). We met for coffee and chats yesterday at the beloved Chocolate Cafe. It was so refreshing to talk to someone that I have things in common with… more than just “mom” things! I’m glad to have a buddy to check out the city with and tote our kids alongside!
Matt has been busy with orientations and new faculty meals. I got to take part in a Presidents Dinner the other evening, which turned out to be quite tasty! I’m not one to make small talk with highly educated folks, but I received some wonderful advice about preschools in the area as well as great resources for kids and a bit of good info for myself regarding creative writing groups in the area. Matt is overwhelmed with all the new information he has received during his long days of listening, but I know he’s going to do so well at this new job! I’m so thankful for all his hard work and his drive to do his best. Classes begin next monday!
Enjoy your day!

One thought on “It’s potty time

  1. So proud of Noah for potty training! Its tough business for anyone! Way to go buddy! I can just see him run to the kitchen after going just giggling and anticipating those cookies! (I agree, why call them a cracker!?!?) Love you guys! C


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