This is a wonderful quote from The Tender Bar by J.R. Moehringer, it rings especially true for writers, mothers, well, really everyone:
You much do everything that frightens you, JR. Everything. I’m not talking about risking your life, but everything else. Think about fear, decide right now how you’re going to deal with fear, because fear is going to be the great issue of your life, I promise you. Fear will be the fuel of all your success, and the root cause of all your failures, and the underlying dilemma in every story you tell yourself about yourself. And the only chance you’ll have against fear? Follow it. Steer by it. Don’t think of fear as the villain. Think of fear as your guide, your pathfinder – your Natty Bumpo.”


Fear has and will continue to fuel what I do or don’t do in this life. As I take these next steps and jump off the deep end, I hope that I will allow fear to steer me in the most challenging and meaningful direction.

drowning fear, water-
fall, coming into focus
open heart, welcome

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