As a gift to our wonderful therapists we complied a video of home videos spanning the past few years. It was so fun to watch the plethora of videos that we have taken since Noah was born (it took us about 2 weeks to get through them). It wasn’t our original plan to make a video for the therapists, but as we were watching it was quite startling the growth and change we noticed. It was incredibly encouraging to see how far Noah has come since starting therapy. It was a wonderful way for us to celebrate all of the hard work that Noah has done.

 Over halfway done!!! (yay)
Early mornings.
We went to the pride parade this past weekend that is held on Park Ave (a block from us). It spans close to 3 miles and down into the city.  It was fun to see the diversity and happy folks! Noah got his share of candy from some kind, enthusiastic women.
We got some fro-yo to share while we watched.
Noah is hooked to The Lawrence Welk Show, no kidding. I’ve never seen this boy stand for an entire 50 minutes at the TV for any other show in his life! (and tap dance)!
We are eager and sad to make the move in less than a week. I think it is finally hitting us that we are leaving. I think the one thing I’m looking forward to is seeing my mom and dad.
Be good to one another,

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