Ultimate Chocolate Cake

(This post is written mostly for showing our little one someday)
Once we had decided that we wanted to know your gender, we eagerly anticipated our 20 week ultrasound! I thought it would be fun to include family for the big reveal. We picked out our favorite cake from our favorite bakery and had them fill the center with the gender color (even though I’m not a huge fan of the stereotypical “gender colors”… I sucked it up).

Tuesday morning we headed to the hospital, bladder filled to the brim, hearts racing, and a “busy bag” filled with multiple snacks, drinks, and an iPad all ready to keep your big brother entertained for the duration of my scan. It was incredible to watch as you wiggled, hiccuped and stretched inside of my little belly. As the tech snapped shots of each limb, your brain, tummy and bum, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing in there. My favorite moment of the scan was seeing the tiniest little feet pressed against the exterior of my tummy.

We had the tech write down on two papers your gender, one for the bakery and one for us. I made a little keepsake card at home to paste the note in once we got home. We had decided to take a peek together as a family before the big party the following night. We went to our favorite coffee spot… well, technically, it’s your dads favorite, and I was willing to just get to the nearest place out of anxiety and excitement. We shared a peanut butter cookie (Noah hogged most of it, something you will learn soon enough) and one of the best cups of coffee I’ve had in months. As your dad made his way over to the table, I could feel my pulse start to speed up. He tends to take a looong time fixing up his coffee.. or food… or anything he consumes for that matter, but this time it felt like an eternity! (Kind of the way I’m stringing this out ;)

He sat down and we said a short thank you prayer and I peeled the envelope open to find a picture of something… I’m assuming your “lady parts” (I haven’t been able to make it out yet) and the words “I’m-a-girl”! Immediately, the tears began, as per usual. This little paper has already helped us connect better with our future, make very very simple decisions that don’t necessarily matter but make shopping more fun, and have our first experience seeing and knowing we have a little girl in there. We are all so very excited to meet you little one!

The first thing I had told your dad weeks ago that I wanted to do after finding out was to head straight to the fabric store and purchase material for your first baby blanket. I ended up with two sets of fabric and am excited to ship them to your Aunt Itty to make. haha :) Thanks, Whit!

Last night (July 9, 2014) was our Ultimate Chocolate Cake Party via Skype with your family. My side of the family doesn’t fool around and got serious about your gender, already referring to you with a name months ago, even your cousins were adamant about what they wanted! I do need to give credit where it’s due, your cousin Ace was the first to know about you… a whole 6 weeks before he even knew I was pregnant, he talked about Noah’s little sister while driving with his mama (Aunt Chi-Chi) in their van. Pretty adorable! Both families squealed as Noah helped cut and show the cake revealing the most beautiful pink color.

We are both so excited! I can’t wait to tell you this story someday, Miss Maeby Rue!

Matt has liked Maeby for years, it wasn’t originally something I liked, but it has seriously grown on me and now that I know you’re a little girl, it just fits! Rue is adorable, but more importantly, it’s a combination of your nana and papas (my mom and dad) middle names, Ray and Sue.

 Here is a picture your aunt snapped of all of my side of the family at nana and papas house for the party. Uncle Luke, Aunt Chi-Chi, your cousins Gentry and Ace, Aunt Itty, your cousins Chloe and Carter, Aunt Cappy and cousin Gavyn, Aunt Mae-Mae, Uncle Austi and Aunt Katy, your cousins Hunter and Addison, and of course Nana and Papa (and I’m sure baby bugs, papa’s dog is in there somewhere). Sadly, we weren’t able to have one of your dads family since they are all located in different spots, but his parents Grandma and Gramps, Aunt Amy, Uncle Ricky, and Uncle Tyler were all present as well (and just as excited even though you can’t see their faces here)!
Girl Cake :)
Maebs- I already love you more than I thought I could. I can’t wait to see your little features, to smell your sweet scent, and kiss your precious little lips. I can’t wait to teach you all about the world, life, and how to write Haiku’s :) Mostly, I can’t wait to introduce you to Noah!  He will be your most loyal friend and will make you laugh every single day of your life.
I love you so much my sweet little girl.
I will be busy in the coming months getting your room all ready, your clothes folded, and I’ll try to rest up as much as I can for you :) 
I am excited to introduce you to your BIG fan club (family). 
I’m really so very excited for you to know your brother and for him to know you. 

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Chocolate Cake

  1. Oh B I am so excited for Maebs! She is loved so much already and I can't wait for Noah to be a big brother. He is the most loving little guy I know and will be so sweet to her. She's a lucky little gal to join this huge clan:) Love you lots! And anytime she needs girl advice, she can ask her big cousin G:)
    Love C


  2. Haha! Oh G, I can just imagine the advice she will give. She'll probably direct her to one of her many youtube videos :) Yes, she is lucky to have such a huge loving family to join! I'm thankful for each of you guys!


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