First timer

Being a new mother was exhilarating and intimidating.

I felt pressure to do everything right the first time because, as we (parents) have all experienced in our own child-rearing, those precious fragile lives depend on it!  Ha… Well, yes and no.

When Noah was born, I fervently studied the best way to nourish a child, whether that was through mama’s milk or his first foods. I debated the pros and cons of multivitamins and supplements. Child-led weaning vs parent led. I researched the best type of diaper to use; cloth, disposable, etc. I made my own cloth wipes, I made my own butt cream (for Noah), I pureed fresh peas from the garden for his very first food. I went a bit “crunchy”, if that term is still used. I have always tended towards the tree-hugging folk, but motherhood brought out the best and worst in me in that regard.

Since those early months of motherhood, now three years ago, I have learned a lot. I won’t deny that I am still a “young mother” and have my share of things to learn. Still, at times, I do feel like a vet, in a sense. Noah threw us a curve ball with his unique life. Opening up a life where cloth wipes, fresh peas, and attachment parenting “plans” didn’t hold a candle to the real challenges of being a mother regardless of “special needs” or not. 

This time around, I feel like the setting is no longer about having the perfect organic cotton sheets, the pinterest inspired nursery, and a peaceful, “therapeutic” experience for my child. I’ve been there, done that and thank God it is over!

I’m still intimidated about bringing a second life into this world, no doubt! But, I am thankful that I am no longer a “first-time mother”, because frankly, they’ve got it tough. There are so many “shoulds” and “should-nots” out there that it will literally lead you to force feed your child Cheetos and hot dogs out of frustration and the inability to know what is the gold standard.

Being a mother is absolutely, unquestionable fantastic. Nothing in this world compares to the love and unwavering devotion you feel for your very own life-blood. And for a moment (or more), it’s richly satisfying to cut yourself some slack and just enjoy the beautiful creation that is your child. No pretension, no schedule, and please, no butt cream. While you’re at it, give that little one another cookie, because life is joy.

To motherhood!

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